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Minority Rights

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A single hilltop sniper could be worth the equivalent of hundreds of rounds of covering fire from machine guns:

Fire on the hills - Behind Enemy Lines -Owen Wilson

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I think I said that while genocides are very rare we've to consider the expected risk where the number of deaths would be multiplied by the risk of such an occurrence each year.


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Gun control channel:




- Shooting Stance, Gun Recoil, etc.

I have them on the run:

Disclaimer: I don’t actually have any police, military or security-related expertise! Perhaps instead I’ll commence strategic self-deprecation:

(The Rezort - "Who made you the man?")

I used to do some karate when I was younger. But I’ve fallen behind in that regard and really haven’t trained much at any self-defense. These days I just rely on my multicoloured gingerbeard to stare ’em down! Incidentally I was walking around a park in the town centre a few years ago when two thugs shouted from afar, “Your hair is blonde, your beard’s ginger; so what colour is your (body hair)?” They were so silly I just dismissed them and walked on.

I went on a holiday to Wexford. That’s Curracloe beach where Saving Private Ryan is filmed. It’s much quieter there without the guns! I climbed behind enemy lines and got pursued by dogs:

I get these random texts sometimes. It’s either a tight pocket pressing against the phone or else an urgent nuclear code of strike coordinates! I won’t press the button until I find out for sure!

Do you ever have those friends in the countryside where you visit them and the conversation invariably ends with a row of bullets been shown on the table?

I remember getting a missed phone call late one night. When I checked it there were nearly 12 digits in the number. In the voice mail I heard people briefly mumbling in the background. I wasn’t sure if the call was for some sort of ransom but I was too tired and decided to go back to bed. The following day I investigated it and found out that it was an accidental call from my sister in Australia!

We were learning crochet in primary school. One night I used a penknife at home to cut the thread and accidentally left it in the bag for school. That could easily have been the first time that anyone might be arrested for crochet!

It’s interesting how the gun debate has taken a left/right dimension. Some in the right wing argue we need guns against the threat of tyranny. However the exact source of that tyranny has never been fully elaborated on. In America’s case we could potentially have a CIA-backed overthrow of Congress to implement a capitalist puppet government to cater for the needs of US multinational corporations. The irony is that such a regime isn’t far off the current system which would make the manoeuvre rather self-defeating!

If I ever become president then everyone in the country will be agreeing with my militia theory so they can form their own militia against me in fear of my benevolent dictatorship! I'd be king of the tea cosies as my younger brother used to say.

I support my militia but whether I support the formation of anyone else's is subject to our relative power. Sorry.

Blogging is a great excuse to stay up late at night. I was relaxing in my nightclothes when I was asked to go to bed. I replied that I was too busy saving the world!

It's strange the way I've never even been to America and yet I've to try solve their problems before I go in case I were to get caught up in a drive-by as a tourist over there.

There seems to be a different dress code between Irish and Mediterranean criminals. In Ireland it might be people in the hoodies and tattoos that makes you pay attention when you're alone on a dark street. It's the opposite abroad where the criminals are always wearing the suits and ties like the mafia movies!

The age of the nanny state is over. The time for militias has come!

We've to win the academic frontlines before we've any chance with the political and military fronts! I've been trenched down on this thread for far too long! The pen is mightier than the sword!

Ukrainian/Russian War goes nuclear:

(Rob - Dragula)

We'll need to put up safe zone signs to alert the rabbits where to flee during a hunt!

If you are what you eat, and a chicken eats insects, then are we eating these insects indirectly?!

It's high time we imprison the cuckoos for crimes against their fellow bird species!

It might look like I'm a far-left activist since I spent most of the thread disagreeing with gun-rights folk. To be honest I thought I was being kind of a radical libertarian by supporting gun clubs and militias. You can have all drive-bys you want so long as you have some civility and keep it to the gun club level! It has to be sanctioned by a group! Unfortunately that didn't go far enough for my gun-loving American critics who insist on individual à la carte drive-bys! Here there's too much discretion where you can kill whoever you want whenever you want! We need to save Americans from themselves!

I might have saved someone with my gun control thread. Then by rights society really owes me a kill of my choosing!

Does white supremacy have a ranking system for fellow whites? Easily sunburned gingers must come out as the whitest of the white! Canadian snow-whites probably come second! By KKK white supremacy logic I must be a white God seeing as unlike them all of my ancestors only come from one country! Then again I'm not sure if it's too helpful to diss the KKK only to mimic the arguments of the neo-nazis! I could almost call myself a beige supremacist until my holiday suntan disappears! Take away the guns and you can't beat the Romans!

I asked a tennis partner where he was from and he told me Moscow. It seems like Russia has been turned into a bad word with the war where everyone is now from local regions!

In the land of the unarmed, the one-armed man is king! (That thought came out of nowhere and don't know if it's relevant at all!)

They clearly didn't form these abbreviations for a western audience!

I might have to go out on a limb by saying I didn't even think it could be used in an adjectival form! In my defence the pun lies in the contrast rather than the similarity! That's truly the last thing you'd be expecting such a group to call themselves!

I'm in the unique category of being both anti-state and anti-individual. The unconscious has its ways!

People are always careful to distinguish between criminal gun deaths and gun deaths by suicide. Then again suicidal people much like the rest of the general population are already at a high risk of being killed by a shooter in America. What are the odds of criminals inadvertently shooting suicidal individuals? How many Americans kill themselves solely to avoid the risk of being killed by criminals? Therefore the difference between the two categories of victims can become blurred!

Abandon ship! By royal decree Christians must form their militias, Jews are to have their own militias and so too for gays. Buddhists and African Americans will share a militia. There'll be one all-female regiment. Don't vote for me! Power corrupts!

Sir, I'm afraid you've gone mad with power - Simpsons Movie

A terrible auto-translation of French:

I never knew this was a surname:

I attended a short scubadiving course when I was around age 18. The instructor said that if you were underwater and running out of oxygen to notify the person in front of you. He then said that if you were very deep to not ascend too quickly in case you get the bends (nitrogen poisoning). I tried to catch him out by asking what to do if you were both deep underwater and out of oxygen. He said that if you remain underwater you'd drown and that you should ascend because the bends is at least curable in hospital. I nodded!

I don't understand why Americans don't want South American migrants. Single women should be let in visa-free! Tall, strong women can send shivers down your spine because you don't know whether you should be frightened or excited by them! It'd take a brave soul to tame a female dragon! I feel a need to caveat my blog with lewd references in case anyone took what I was saying too seriously! This is what an academic might call a conflict of interest! When people use masculine notions to support guns, you've sometimes got to use your own masculine propaganda against them! My blog is on the internet. So I've to consider my audience where I'm left to compete against online vices! When we're dealing with such heavy topics, intense jokes are needed to lighten the mood! Opponents need to find some common ground!

I've to be careful about using too many suggestive jokes. When I was 10 years old all of the children in the estate had this joke, "You know the way Fanny can be a first name in rural Ireland and then Power is a surname in the south? Well just imagine if you were called Fanny Power!" Lo and behold I was at a family dinner where we welcomed elderly relatives and I thought nothing of using the same joke. Everyone looked enraged while one of the guests actually found it funny much to their shame!

You might get away with saying that in WW2 but these days you'd raise a lot of eyebrows about the potential romance inside the tank!

Fury- "Wait until you see"

If I ever were to fight in a war I'd choose a sniper rifle. Lying down and crawling is pretty much what I do every morning! Slow and steady wins the race!

I'd be shellshocked even before I got to the warzone!

Wars that America lost: Vietnam, Bay of Pigs, Michael's blog...!

Maybe my militia hypothesis is overly idealistic in being too pragmatic about ethnic considerations!

After the Ukraine war I'll no longer label myself as Irish or European. In the census I'll just tick the box for westerner! (Not the wild west though; just the west!)

I've actually a lot in common with American far-right activists. We're both opposed to over-reach from the American government except for the opposite reasons. Even the Taliban hated the American government meddling in the market economy of Afghanistan! I fear that gun reform and welfare initiatives by the American leftwing might only be a fig leaf for an inherently capitalistic society. We'd almost be better off by embracing American white supremacy and gun rights if only to remove American soft power from the international order!

Forget national gun control and implement neighbourhood gun control instead. Each city will allocate militias on the basis of compass co-ordinates: southside militia, westside militia, etc.. Each housing estate or city block will be entitled to a gun club for gangland defence!

Gangsta Nation - Ice Cube

Luckily I always record my blogging with spare copies and screenshots. This might be a good idea if you're using internet forums since you never know if the operators are biased and seek to remove your posts without warning.

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