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Updated: Jan 21 Comment 13 and 15 page 1: “RUSSIA could have wiped out the British Army's only fighting unit in one afternoon, a shock report revealed after experts found the UK could have only deployed 5,000 to 10,000 war-ready troops.”

No one should get too wrapped up in themselves!

(posts 39 and 40 on the first page)

Post number 367, 368 and 370 page 10: I was in Belfast for a weekend a while ago. I’d a nice holiday. I’d no trouble except for when a random person on the street inquired into what I was drinking. I told him I got a mango milkshake in an Asian takeaway. Whoever he was, he got quite enraged at my “healthy” milkshake and shouted as he walked by me. I don’t know where he was from or whether he was just another tourist! I let it go. After all if he got that upset with a small drink, at least luckily he didn’t know about all of my various ideas and musings.

-Post 275 and 277, page 7. Guardian: “Thus, the primary motive of the war - mobilising Iraqi oil production to sustain global oil flows and moderate global oil prices - has, so far, been fairly successful according to the International Energy Agency.”

At least no one can say that there’s an oil conspiracy with Northern Ireland anyway. There just appears to be a few hexagonal rocks at stake!

(My post is number 12748 page 319 for the following link.)

I think if everyone maintained compliance with hygiene protocols there wouldn’t be much need for more restrictions. I really think we should focus more on self-regulating in response to this virus. If someone is being neglectful and interfering with other people’s air safety there can then be a punitive response for that individual. But I mean are business closures and travel restrictions in particular really necessary if we all followed the guidelines of wearing masks, keeping a distance and using the soap? Is it worth a whole societal lockdown to prevent people spreading a virus when we could instead simply investigate and deter any specific instances of careless behaviour by individuals?

It’s said in the context of the quarantine guidelines that the virus can possibly remain dormant in a person for up to two weeks without symptoms. But this latent dormancy of the virus might make it difficult to fully eradicate covid from society through the zero-covid option. I’m not in any way an expert on pandemics. But I’d almost prefer something like an increased social distance to two and a half meters on the streets for example rather than indefinite travel restrictions.

post 13759 and 13760 page 344

I’m certainly not blaming any unfortunate patient for getting covid, but in post 13760 I was merely making the point that neither would it be the fault of people who needed to travel per se so long as they comply with wearing masks. I believe we can still be serious about fighting covid without the need for these lockdowns. It’s possible for us to help covid patients without the need to restrict people’s freedom of movement. I just think a lockdown for an indefinite length of time is a very blunt mechanism. Perhaps we could focus more on being precise about dealing with and deterring any specific breaches in covid regulations.

Subliminal message from the HSE: get a covid test today and it will be administered by a nurse with aesthetic qualities!

(Post number 3212 page 129 for the preceding website.) -page 4 number 129 and 136.

I was in Galway a few years ago for an 18th birthday party. I’d a bit to drink and started falling over and knocking on windows. When we got back to where we were staying that night, I decided to do the wise thing and lie down and pretend to be asleep. That’s really when the night began. Everyone else started to gather around me as they thought I wasn’t awake. They started bitching about me and thrash talking my appearance. I didn’t know whether to pretend to awkwardly get up or stay as if I was still sleeping. So I’d to stay lying down for about an hour or so as this was going on. That was the last time I partied with those people!

-post 12 and 14

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