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(Feel free to reply in the linked threads if you disagree with anything I said.) Maybe if they provided different strawberry or lemon flavoured water we could then pay water taxes! It’s interesting how of all places one of the rainiest countries in the world was in crisis over water! So there’ll be water shortages at the same time the town is in flood! Why privatise the water when we can have private beaches instead?

https://debatepolitics.com/threads/mixed-economy.355051/ Conflict of interest: if I ever won the lottery or somehow became rich then there’s a strong possibility that I’ll renege on some of my stated “ideals”.

https://www.debatepolitics.com/law-and-order/358599-road-safety-cycling.html Any collision will cause immense pain be it a cyclist hitting a pedestrian or a car hitting a cyclist. The objective is to make it as safe as possible for everyone. It’s not improper to note that the momentum of a car hitting a cyclist will invariably cause far more damage than the cyclist hitting a pedestrian. I know it’s a sensitive topic but we have to analyse all options and their relative risks at certain road speeds to come to an informed conclusion. Both the frequency and severity are important factors: the expected risk and quantity of pedestrian casualties vs the serious injury and death rate for cyclists on the road. For example if there was a low-speed road in the town centre than the cyclist can easily go out on it. Although if it was a high-speed busy road leaving the town with a quiet footpath I can’t help but personally view it as having less overall risk to cycle slowly on the footpath. In mist and poor visibility a cyclist could see a pedestrian easier than a car driver being able to see the cyclist. Other variables are the straightness or curvature of the road. For example cycling fast on busy footpath can be termed neglectful whereas cycling slowly on a quiet footpath carries a lower risk. Could we put cycling speed limits on any underused footpaths? There are so many tragic deaths that the best option might be to simply penalise and prosecute negligence for the specific individual depending on the circumstances of the collision and any alternative options, speeds or routes that were available to them. Ideally there’d be cycle lanes and road barriers but not every road can have a cycle lane or a wide hard-shoulder. We have to improvise as best we can and make laws with the current road network. People should comply with all laws but there’s no harm in debating those laws. https://debatepolitics.com/threads/standing-on-a-flight.451280/

“As the snow melts in the Himalayan heights along the disputed border between India and China, analysts and military officials warn warmer weather could lead to renewed conflict. For the past year, thousands of troops have been locked in a stand-off at various points along the 3,488km (2,167-mile) Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India’s Ladakh in the west and Arunachal Pradesh in the east, bordering China’s Xinjiang, Tibet and Aksai Chin regions.”


Crikey. Just imagine if India and China stopped bickering about borders and actually united for a world conquest with 3 billion soldiers! They could lay siege to Europe through shortages in sweet and sour or tandoori chicken. We’d have no chance! (I’m sorry if I’ve just offended half of the world’s population but I couldn’t resist saying it!)

Comment 13 and 15 page 1:

https://www.debatepolitics.com/europe/390347-united-ireland-2.html “RUSSIA could have wiped out the British Army's only fighting unit in one afternoon, a shock report revealed after experts found the UK could have only deployed 5,000 to 10,000 war-ready troops.”


No one should get too wrapped up in themselves!

If past economic issues were causing so much grievances there would of always been the option to simply decentralise the tax system in order to pay most of your taxes instead to the local county council. Northern Ireland is becoming obsessed about the nanny state. I read a lot of articles about what America can learn from Northern Ireland in terms of race relations. I think that can also apply vice versa as to what Northern Ireland can learn from America. Remember their motto of “No taxation without representation”. So that can be relevant to unionists in a hypothetical United Ireland or Nationalists in the UK. There’s lots of complicated government structures like federations and confederations but we can’t risk getting too far removed and abstract. Really and truly the government’s sole job is to simply tax and use those taxes to fund projects. So long as the tax revenue is spent evenly then that’s the main goal. If the economic situation was viewed as unfair I can’t understand why the then Irish government didn’t subsidise more social welfare for nationalists in Northern Ireland. Likewise if they became concerned then the UK can help fund unionist social welfare if they wanted to in a United Ireland. Even in terms of the symbolism of a United Ireland, there’s nothing stopping nationalists in Northern Ireland voting in the Irish Republic’s elections. A ballot is only a piece of paper that’s easy to transport even though their representatives wouldn’t have jurisdiction in Northern Ireland. We’re in the digital age where communication and representation really isn’t a problem in any way whatsoever. They should be perfectly free to vote for TD’s and presidential elections if that’s what they want. People are reading too much into the meaning of a federal state and not enough about the importance of smaller local councils. https://irishpolitics.online/threads/tonights-spotlight-killer-billy-wright-given-dossiers-by-police-and-used-them-to-target-families-of-republicans.1085/#post-87014

(posts 39 and 40 on the first page)

“Majority favour a united Ireland, but just 22pc would pay for it”

-Independent newspaper

What if we did a swap? We could exchange the whole of Co Donegal for maybe half of Derry! Or else we could sell the county to China and pay off our debts.

Post number 367, 368 and 370 page 10:

https://irishpolitics.online/threads/a-united-ireland-in-our-lifetime.367/page-10#post-59790 There’s hundreds of thousands of nationalists in Northern Ireland. I think the British military in Northern Ireland has to recruit vetted, moderate nationalists in the same way the PSNI is recruiting from both communities. Ensuring that peaceful members of all ethnicity are enlisted will prevent it being exploited as exaggerated rhetoric by ill-intentioned dissidents. Perhaps granting free expression to minority soldiers would make that task a lot easier. By all means preclude anyone with hostile intentions from enlisting but the majority of nationalists and unionists were unsympathetic to historical paramilitaries. Hence it’s only fair that both groups have representatives in the military be it in the same UK or a new United Ireland. There’s no point preemptively avoiding recruits from one community for fear of their potentially threatening behaviour only to have that very lack of recruitment being used in a circular way to attempt to justify their initial aggression. We’d run the risk of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy because it will be used as propaganda.

I was in Belfast for a weekend a while ago. I’d a nice holiday. It was for a tennis tournament where I lost to a 13 year old in the main draw and a retired guy in the plate round. I’d no other trouble except for when a random person on the street inquired into what I was drinking. I told him I got a mango milkshake in an Asian takeaway. Whoever he was, he got quite enraged at my “healthy” milkshake and shouted as he walked by me. I don’t know where he was from or whether he was just another tourist! I let it go. After all if he got that upset with a small drink, at least luckily he didn’t know about all of my various ideas and musings.


-Post 275 and 277, page 7. Guardian: “Thus, the primary motive of the war - mobilising Iraqi oil production to sustain global oil flows and moderate global oil prices - has, so far, been fairly successful according to the International Energy Agency.”

At least no one can say that there’s an oil conspiracy with Northern Ireland anyway. There just appears to be a few hexagonal rocks at stake!

(My post is number 12748 page 319 for the following link.)


I think if everyone maintained compliance with hygiene protocols there wouldn’t be much need for more restrictions. I really think we should focus more on self-regulating in response to this virus. Most people are being responsible for their own sake. If someone is being neglectful and interfering with other people’s air safety there can then be a punitive response for that individual. But I mean are business closures and travel restrictions in particular really necessary if we all followed the guidelines of wearing masks, keeping a distance and using the soap? Is it worth a whole societal lockdown to prevent people spreading a virus when we could instead simply investigate and deter any specific instances of careless behaviour by individuals?

It’s said in the context of the quarantine guidelines that the virus can possibly remain dormant in a person for up to two weeks without symptoms. But this latent dormancy of the virus might make it difficult to fully eradicate covid from society through the zero-covid option. I’m not in any way an expert on pandemics. But I’d almost prefer something like an increased social distance to two and a half meters on the streets for example rather than indefinite travel restrictions. A lockdown is essentially the same as many kilometres worth of social distancing between towns.

“Coronavirus: Hairdressers offer virtual appointments in lockdown” -BBC

I actually tried there to get my beard trimmed online:

I walked into town too late and everything was closed except for a magazine shop. So I’d to buy a bag of sweets as dinner:


post 13759 and 13760 page 344

I’m certainly not blaming any unfortunate patient for getting covid, but in post 13760 I was merely making the point that neither would it be the fault of people who needed to travel per se so long as they comply with wearing masks. I believe we can still be serious about fighting covid without the need for these lockdowns. It’s possible for us to help covid patients without the need to restrict people’s freedom of movement. I just think a lockdown for an indefinite length of time is a very blunt mechanism. Perhaps we could focus more on being precise about dealing with and deterring any specific breaches in covid regulations. Maybe reserve units or the civil defence might be able to help ensure social distancing on the streets if any problems were to occur. If people want to risk their own health getting Covid then honestly that’s their own prerogative in my opinion. I feel the job of the state should be to protect any infringements on other people’s health.

I’m becoming a bit cynical of these travel restrictions. I’m not sure how a biological virus necessitates all of these legal technicalities. I won’t nag about my own silly little difficulties but I’ve been denied entry to different places for having travel forms a few hours late. It merely reminded me that in my view what really counts is that people aren’t invading your personal space and interfering with your hygiene. I appreciate that there’s the symbolism of solidarity but there are also other ways to help the vulnerable. The last thing I want to do is to appear unsympathetic towards covid sufferers. For example we could increase and prioritise social welfare and community support for elderly or sick people who might need to cocoon and isolate at their home rather than blanket travel bans on the whole of society. I know there’s the argument that we should wait until the virus disappears and I do agree with that but we have to keep in mind that time is a limited resource which we don’t get back.

Subliminal message from the HSE: get a covid test today and it will be administered by a nurse with aesthetic qualities!

I’m forever getting these type of jokes on the tennis WhatsApp group. It started off harmless enough to keep up the good spirits. But we’re over a year into the crisis now and the jokes are getting increasingly crude. I was getting so many messages I’d to put the conversation on silent. If there’s many more months of lockdown I fear they won’t even disguise them as jokes and we’ll all just be getting explicit hardcore stuff in our mail. https://debatepolitics.com/threads/w-3596-arguments-against-same-sex-marriage.352763/page-129#post-1070531064

(Post number 3212 page 129 for the preceding website.)

Ballyalla Lake in Ennis January 2021: The few trees on the hill look very scenic even though they don’t extend beyond it. It goes to show that woodland looks nice even if it’s not a full plantation. I’m not well up on the national reforestation initiative. Perhaps there’s also scope to expand any public trails by afforesting a few bordering pathway ditches.

https://irishpolitics.online/threads/the-irish-defence-force-tokenism-agenda-or-waste-of-money.182/page-4 -page 4 number 129 and 136.

I was in Galway a few years ago for an 18th birthday party. I’d a bit to drink and started falling over and knocking on windows. When we got back to where we were staying that night, I decided to do the wise thing and lie down and pretend to be asleep. That’s really when the night began. Everyone else started to gather around me as they thought I wasn’t awake. They started bitching about me and thrash talking my appearance. I didn’t know whether to pretend to awkwardly get up or stay as if I was still sleeping. So I’d to stay lying down for about an hour or so as this was going on. That was the last time I partied with those people! Since then I’ve only had to ring up a person once the next morning to thank them for walking me home and to apologise for blathering a lot of nonsense at them.


-post 12, 14 and 17

I confess I’ve actually had a little bit of a YouTube music addiction in the past! It’d sometimes be as if one was inhaling the secondhand smoke of various drug induced beats:

In fact I almost smoked cannabis once. I was staying in a shared hostel and when I entered the room one day I got this really exotic and intense smell. The room was empty with the windows open and smoke billowing from the bathroom. I sat down and thought it strange that someone would leave drugs burning in the sink. I put it out. Only afterwards I googled it and saw it was merely incense! I was just never familiar with those substances and had to apologise for soaking his candle!


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