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(My photo is intentionally left uncaptioned!)

Pantheism can be a pluralistic middle ground in the debate between atheism and religion. One could interpret God to be like a shapeshifter who lives through everyone! A much milder analogy is to say pantheism is like a shared value system. It's theoretically possible to interpret someone as being a reincarnated version of you but you can't use the same logic for entire countries! Pantheism could serve as a baseline to assess and contextualise the various religious faiths. I'm not saying that other people are simply you with different personalities but that there must be some sort of infinitesimal connection. We can always solve the academic problem of consciousness at death simply by dying ourselves. But of course that’s not what we mean and I don’t think that would be much of a consolation. You’ll solve the perennial philosophical problem of what death is like but sadly you’d be dead. It’s usually about coming up with ideas ahead of time! Evolution speaks of a common ancestor while religion evokes a common spirit. Pantheism might evoke an irrational dream spirit which is a paradoxical form of faith; you'd believe in being less rational during any form of post-death awareness. I was asked to fill in for some doubles tennis game with an elderly crowd sometime in 2017 and as I walked home I became a bit nihilistic. In such an extreme state of mind I could only think in very general, basic terms. I can't tell you for sure what happened but sometimes our unconscious minds can combine or separate certain beliefs. For example I often entertained atheism as a teenager but never fully conceptualised a world without God. So as I walked down an empty town centre at night I suddenly started musing that not only is there not a God in this life but that for all eternity there never will be a God. In other words the simple thought of Godlessness never actually bothered me but when my subconscious started to cement that as a belief system and formed hidden associations my mind shook into acute depression. I'm not saying that this is exactly what happened because my memory of the experience is limited. Nor am I saying that atheism or theism can be depressing but relative to your own subjective worldview certain mindsets can destabilise you. Paradoxically it was only when I found reasons to keep going even if I'll never feel happy again that the brief nihilistic sensation actually lifted and I felt back to normal. That eventually inspired me to explore pantheism. For all I know the depression was only about historical Irish architecture where the nice redbrick architecture is little more than a remnant of English oppression and then the cosy 1800s Irish cottages can remind you of poorer and darker times! When I reached the suburbs my mind relaxed! Pantheism is merely a philosophical doctrine and not a religion! I try to help people by criticising them! We could go further and say pantheism with a lower case "p" is like an attitude or a cosy mindset. You're free just to use pantheism as an adjective if you so wish. A disbelief in heaven doesn’t mean you can’t pray; in fact it can be an incentive to pray even more before the adversity of death. I suppose the ultimate goal is always to leave the world a better place than when you found it. An infinite God will always be beyond our comprehension. A paradox with pantheism is that you might not be a pantheist in your reincarnated life. As such tolerance is a necessity! A flaw in pantheism is that committing evil against others is to victimise them as yourself. Truly hating yourself as a pantheist runs the risk of disliking anyone else you view as connected to the unconscious! Likewise feeling sluggish doesn't mean that everyone else in the unconscious is equally apathetic and lazy! People might be offended by viewing yourself as being connected to an unconscious spirit. However if you form such a belief then you'd really have to view an unconscious spirit as simply not being you. So ironically your conscious mind would have to be dissociated from your identification with a vast unconscious mind. God is eternal and so it's possible to attribute such a being with any mystical faith beliefs. For some people pantheism might appear to be more of a futuristic ideal. We weren't alive during historical times and so we can't connect with them in a pantheistic sense. Two pantheists would be compelled to say they were equally each other rather than one soul being outweighed by the other! If death were momentary without either an afterlife or oblivion then pantheism could actually be viewed as absolute solipsism! My version of pantheism might not suit everyone so take it or leave it! Anyone concocting a rival theory of pantheism will have me to contend with! Whatever is left of your unconscious mind after your death or after your afterlife, would no longer be comparable to your unconscious mind during this life. Pantheism might seem absurd to some people but the harsh reality is that there'll always be an absurd element to life. Who knows if you'd ever come across a reincarnated version of yourself in this life! Pantheism doesn't require that everyone be the same person and merely one accidental encounter is sufficient! Pantheism is so open-ended that you could even say no one in this life is connected to you but somehow their societies and descendants will be relevant in your next life. I'm not sure if it's worth presenting a technical version of karma to relate it to pantheism when both are non-physical. Perhaps pantheistic karma could be helping someone who'll later help your reincarnated self. Then for the sake of concision there'd be a limit of one go-between person transferring the help! Maybe an evil person might experience karma by reincarnating as a relative of the victim. A limitation is that viewing anyone as being a direct version of yourself could be otherworldly or possessive. Evil pantheists could deceptively appear extremely self-sacrificing if they truly viewed their victims as themselves. Then you'd ironically have to view good people as false humility! Pantheists can inadvertently look really pious simply by offering so many concessions in how we're not actually God to fellow strangers in the hope of not destabilising ourselves! Pantheism tends to up the stakes where you can be very good or very evil! I don't want to dictate another person's version of pantheism but merely to offer them a good first impression! Pantheism could be viewed like an intermediary assembly language for people to understand other religions. If semantics are a problem you could say you're not any part of God during your life where the level is 0 but you'd be an infinitesimal part of God after death. I've always viewed a Keanu Reeves style character as a pantheistic role model; someone Lebanese, Christian, Islamically aware, agnostic, American and Canadian who always looks profound. To top it off he even has mildly spicy Chinese and regal English ancestry! Time isn't causal between two conscious beings and so if you die perhaps all of your loving relatives would be there as a memory. So even relatives that are still alive after your death might greet you together in your afterlife if it's short lasting. For example if you pray together then your minds might synchronise. I think I'm the most tolerant person in the world relative to the sheer number of people I despise! A future reincarnated life wouldn't care at all about your past life even though we can care passionately about our connection to future lives! Even when we ignore the ethical implications of pantheism we'd still be limited in understanding a theory of mind through pantheism. In essence if we took pantheism literally then it might still take a million years worth of non-causal time between deaths to fully understand how your unconscious could ever be linked to a friend's unconscious mind. Otherwise everyone would be going around with a tombstone engraving with your name in different millennia of subjective time! Another person could be 10,000 reincarnated lives away. Pantheists must be very self-critical seeing as we really can't rely on temporary killings on our group from religious people to keep us all under check like they did in the ancient world! Pantheism and Christianity are fundamentally rooted in separate fears. Pantheists are defending against such a level of nihilism where even the hedonistic temptation of evil is pointless to alleviate mild suicidal ideation. By contrast the elderly wisdom of Christianity presupposes that evil is the human baseline to be removed through prayer and penance. If the evil people of pre-Christian Ancient Rome had the same scientific knowledge and technology as today's world then maybe their increased self-awareness would make most of them suicidal instead of imperial. Thus we can't make a fair comparison between Christianity and pantheism! The Spanish killed the Aztecs not because they hated the Aztecs but because the Spanish were more Aztec than the Aztecs themselves! All large countries probably have a pantheist disposition relative to small countries. Yet people from large countries are so proud of their nation itself that they don't have to express pantheistic pride! Perhaps those from mountainous regions could all pass as panentheists relative to how incomprehensible the mountains were in the background whenever they try to converse with each other! A pantheist is like an evil person who views good people as so weak that he's forced to help them by rooting for the underdogs! Science is so self-critical that to really understand the science versus religion debate I'd to be highly studious on both subjects while remaining very limited on both of them too!

“Out, out, brief candle.

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.”

- Macbeth

The eternal problem of death, oblivion and nihilism. Even in a million years when there’ll be unlimited resources and technology, people will never be immortal and death will always be a conundrum. I learned off a pile of these quotes in school so I’m afraid I’ll have to insist on using them in casual conversation!

“The fate of the unlearned, also known as the destiny of the unevangelized, is an eschatological question about the ultimate destiny of people who have not been exposed to a particular theology or doctrine and thus have no opportunity to embrace it. The question is whether those who never hear of requirements issued through divine revelations will be punished for failure to abide by those requirements.”

I suppose we could always do a small bit of improvisation after we died if we were to be confronted with the threat of hell for not believing in one particular faith:

The Mummy 5/10 - The Mummy Threatens Beni 1999

Although perhaps humans in another galaxy millions of years away in the future would seem omniscient relative to us!

A Posthuman God is a hypothetical future entity descended from or created by humans, but possessing capabilities so radically exceeding those of present humans as to appear godlike... (A) variant is the hypothesis that humanity will create or evolve into a posthuman God by itself.”


Indeed if a medieval person could’ve transported to the year 2020, they’d think our technology and food was god-like. After having spent so much time moving rocks to build a castle for their king, they must view a crane operator to be much like Zeus.

(Zoned out, background trance music for a mystical vibe!)

I'm Blue - Eiffel 65 - Club Remix You never know; the choir could start singing along to some techno music during Sunday mass!

Best Uplifting Trance Music 2013 Mix

If Jesus changed the water to coffee instead of wine we’d all be able to get up on time for the 6am mass!

It’s amazing when you mess around on photo brightness and discover your spiritual side!

I'm Michael, representative of my dreaming spirit. How do you do?

Or you could also decrease the brightness to look more mysterious!

Michael the Unconscious One; sole occupier of our dreaming spirit!

Unfortunately we don’t have the direct line! I think whatever created this universe won’t be gossiping to us!

Father Ted - Entertaining Father Stone - Grandmother visit

If heaven were perfect then my old dog wouldn’t be allowed in as he’d jump on the table and eat everyone’s food. I’d imagine there’s probably a sign that we’d have to leave the dogs at the gate!

I don’t think I’ll ever make a will. All the money is to be spent on making a cool statue of myself! Apologies to any family members.

I’d a few eccentric second cousins. He didn’t believe in Jesus as such but became a priest nonetheless!

There were so many early Christian martyrs against the Roman Empire that many of them could have resembled Jesus even if anyone these days didn't go along with the historical account of there being just one Jesus!

What would happen if humans in the future could live until age 200? One doesn’t have to be immortal to be wiser than present-day people. They’d be as old as the trees! Perhaps they’d resemble wizards compared to us!

Imagine if religion comes full circle to become a new counter-culture! You’d have rappers saying the rosary in their next album.

Bittersweet Symphony - ASAP Rocky

If society was like school then religious, scientific, left and right wing people would all be classed as nerds. Instead they are mortal enemies!

"The Silver Branch Movie: An uplifting and emotional celebration of people and place, which captures the delicacy of the natural world; the heart and soul of a farmer-poet, Patrick McCormack; and the ancient rural spirit of Ireland which stands behind him."

- I truly admire his unusual job title of farmer-poet. It has given me the confidence to declare myself a tennis-philosopher.

I was walking on the outskirts of town when I bumped into a random stranger from Germany offering to tell me about a document on the bible. I agreed to listen and he was telling me he wasn't connected to any church but it was only out of his own belief in God. He talked about his faith as a way to find meaning in life and I found it inspiring even though I wasn't necessarily in full agreement with everything he was saying. I think he was trying to describe how his life turned from a dark place to a positive one which would have been more uplifting if only he didn't go into so much detail about all of his sins. There are some things you can really afford to leave out to politely avoid the awkwardness. Anyway I thanked him for his time and told him I admired his dedication!

I helped out once in editing the eulogy of a distant relative's funeral. This is just a warning to always be on your best behaviour during a family reunion. You never know who could be having the final say or adding in a few put-downs in your last mass! It was for yet another eccentric cousin who was once training to be a priest in a cloistered abbey in Rome. He then changed his mind and jumped over a wall to escape and return to Ireland. They didn't know how to describe it so I said we'd write that he "temporarily studied to be a priest" and we left it at that!

How do I opt out? I'm unemployed so I'm not in the working, middle or upper classes. I handed out the money basket a few times in mass so perhaps I'll try to weave my way into the religious class which is just above the aristocrats and behind the nobles!

It'd be relaxing to have your own private prayer or meditation room at home. You could pay the priest to do some freelance work to save you the bother of going to the church on Sunday!

The state bans drugs and the church disapproves of mind-altering chemicals. Some people reject religion in favour of various drug habits. However what people forget is that if God is the creator of all things then it was actually God Himself who invented drugs for reasons we don't know!

Is an infinite God open to an infinite number of interpretations?!

Wrestlers' names can be quite confusing. As a child I was playing with a toy doll of a wrestler named "The Undertaker". I was telling someone I'd left it at an elderly relative's house and asked if they could retrieve it. They were not impressed!

I used to ask Santa for the 3 Egyptian God cards when I was younger. They were the trump cards of a cartoon game. It would've taken me years to go through enough packs to find one of the God cards. I was thinking if Santa isn't constrained by such physical limits then he should be able make them for me. Needless to say my second wish was for a magic wand that'd make me more presents!

I admit that Pantheism hasn't always worked in the past. Ancient South American tribes used to apply their beliefs in unconscious spirits along regional lines. Viewing God as living through your tribe alone isn't always a recipe friendly co-operation! Perhaps we could instead use a gender version of Pantheism! Men can humbly assert themselves as collectively God while we can rather conveniently label women as God's children! In a metaphorical sense of course! Perhaps we could say everyone was a king or queen just of themself!

Paulina and Daniela - Cuenca Hair Cracking

I feel as if our unconscious is on my side! The collective unconscious is the greater good!

The Greater Good - Hot Fuzz - Best Version

Finally; someone who actually agrees with me!

Outside the Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba in Monastir, Tunisia. The glare from my camera makes the light appear as if it bent around the Islamic monument as a sign of welcome!

No I've to be honest about this. I don't want to help anyone with this thread. Rather I'm hoping that I'll find this thread in my next life and continue the campaign!

I've never understood homosexuality and men liking men. Even women don't like men. We just pressurise them into it!

Maybe God never sends people to Hell. Perhaps it might be Satan's blasphemous demons that send each other to Hell!

Pulp Fiction - Apartment Scene

(The implied misogyny of a suit can always be redirected towards misandry against men when it's combined with long hair!)

I've always been suspicious of these adults that have suddenly developed an intense sense of humour cloaked in nervous energy. You can tell from a mile away that the sarcastic side of their personality has come out of nowhere. Their extreme puns are a ridiculous attempt to conceal some shameful perversions! By contrast I always ensure I listen to really clean songs. For example I'd spend the night listening to foreign language dance songs with the expectation that the translation is perfectly respectable and academic:

Paradisio - Bailando

I'm sure there might be ways to prove God's existence through the infinite complexity of rock types. Then again who'd ever base their decision with the afterlife and their purpose in life on something as boring as geology?

Christianity can sometimes appear not only asexual but even anti-sexual when it comes to religious preaching. This might get you wondering how Christianity ever managed to convert such a large number of people in the first place. What we're missing is that Christianity spread at a time when the birth rate was quite high. To some extent worshipers were so sexed out in the 1600s that the conservative attitude in mass must have been seen as pleasent break! The problem is that it was so obvious that it wasn't actually stated back then and nowadays teenagers never want to go to mass! Christianity tolerates nudity in religious paintings but perhaps we need more photographic styles of nude art in churches! Somehow I suspect the Christian teaching of monogamy would still apply in the afterlife! So you'd have to be well-behaved or you won't be greeted by nude angels in heaven(!):

Some liberals accuse conservative Christians of exploiting various biblical ambiguities into supporting a ban on gay marriage. I take the opposite approach and will tolerate the conservatives. This gives me licence to distort the message of Jesus even further. All hail our Christian unconscious!

Perhaps anyone sentenced to hell in a pantheistic universe will find possessive and hedonistic dance beats placed on repeat until such a time that they repent:

(Hey Baby - If you'll be my Girl - DJ Otzi)

Those who refuse to repent after one year will be forced to listen to even more exhausting and ridiculous songs. They'll eventually lose all of their free will such that they no longer fear death in the afterlife. Their mind will soon explode from the disorienting higher frequencies and they'll then re-incarnate! Or perhaps they'd go to an afterlife and have to contend with lots of like-minded people. So be careful what you wish for or you'll get an absurd and meaningless "heaven":

(Aqua - Barbie Girl)

(Joke reference:

(The Simpsons Donut Hell)

(Caveat: alternatively evil people might be able to somehow atone for their sins in the afterlife beyond mere repentance! Or if we all go to oblivion before reincarnating then perhaps evil people just spend a bit longer in oblivion then the rest of us. Maybe the only way to brace for oblivion if that is what you wanted is through the experience violent emotions. A few evil people might brace for a 10 year rest period of obliviousness when most good people might aim for less rest in oblivion if they wanted reincarnation. Maybe the less your unconscious relates to a religion the harder it'd be to reincarnate into a family who'd the same religion. )

(PS What if the afterlife was reversed where good people can finally enjoy being evil in hell while those who were actually evil in real life will then be forced to be good in heaven?! The forgivers become the forgiven! What is evil when everyone is already dead?!)

I hate evil people for enjoying highs that make me jealous. That makes me absolutely hate evil people! Mandatory life sentence for any criminal who enacted a crime that I was just after fantasizing about! If evil people were still actually a part of God then we could express misotheism through a hatred of evil rather than a hatred of good people! We're all different shades of misotheists who reject the immanence of God in anyone we don't like! Perhaps God has an infinite tolerance of intolerance! There are semantic problems when you redefine God to comply with physical logic! Christianity forgives evil people while pantheism accidentally imbues evil people with godhood. I'm not sure which is worse!

Pantheism can tolerate Christianity, Islam, the Aztecs, Pocahontas, and whoever else. Perhaps it's too open-ended. A facetious way to think of pantheism if you're from a strict background is to view it like caffeine. It can be used for good and bad! I could call myself more Christian than pantheist if I could somehow reconcile the two. Otherwise pantheists would have to group together in the afterlife! I'm hell-bent on pantheism!

Still looking for a girlfriend I'm afraid. I'm not the smartest nor the fittest. Nor am I the most humble. I'm not the hardest working person nor the most ferocious warrior. I'll have to sell myself as being kind of wise! I've watched so much nudity that I simply can't take my masculinity too seriously. I view myself as being dryly, sarcastically masculine in the sense that even claiming to be somehow masculine is so ludicrous that it becomes intensely masculine in just how defiant my inner feminity is! Anyone not able to roar while shadow boxing in the mirror is pretty much a lost cause these days!

Inevitably the more extreme you are as a pantheist the more unequal the sexuality though the more equal the genders are emotionaly in a paradoxical way!

The adult content filter can backfire when desperate people are forced to look for even more exotic sites. The glimpses of nudity are so atrocious even for the filter to dare investigate! The only worry is you then realise that anyone else could try for hours doing the exact same. Hence we need to be on the lookout for creepy people. Anyone society deems ugly simply have nothing to lose by using such graphic material even if they're humble enough not to be evil. Those who are seen as attractive should be viewed with extreme caution. Who knows what secret perversion they're using to lure people into their trap. We can all agree that the simplest thing is to start off from an asexual and generic Chinese appearance. Those who are then viewed as "paler", "darker", "taller" or "shorter" need to be carefully analysed by onlookers and reverse engineered for any imperfections. What immoral acts would you have to do to miraculously convert yourself into a completely different height category? Be wary of everyone's "false charm"! You'd be eating pasta one day only to think how many women were killed to invent the dish much like that French "Story of a Murderer" perfume movie! The deceit in such movies is always that the women are sexy to begin with such that any immoral act at all can always give the illusion of sexiness.

To be honest I've no idea why God would created an Islamic religion that's somewhat antagonistic to the Christian ideal of gender equality. I know the Christian world has had its problems from the brutal colonialism of the third world, two world wars, the Holocaust, the temporary conversion of eastern Christians to militant communism and the resulting threat of worldwide nuclear Holocaust, a long history of macabre warfare between Catholics and Protestants, and so on. Still though, God's reasoning just seems strange with these rival religions!

There might be problems if "good" people stress test their beliefs through "false flag" attacks:

Reporters Blow Up Plane, Expose Security Lapses - The Onion

Shoddy Shoddy Shoddy - Fr Ted

The best way to worship the collective unconscious is for everyone to sleep together! Anyone claiming not to be me will be burned at the stake!

It might be tempting to think that evil can always be a lesser evil to unimaginable evil. In other words that evil forces people to "toughen up" as it were. Absurd as it is you could logically state that the Holocaust directly lead to a sense of unification among Jews in Israel. I use that example solely as the worst-case scenario. Such incomprehensible levels of evil is one reason why you should never find silver linings in committing crimes. The trouble with this logic is that a God wouldn't need evil people to do His bidding. If an infinite being wanted to control population size there'd be an earthquake and not a genocide! Paradoxically natural evil is a sign of independence from human evil! Nor would God need someone like me to tell these blunt jokes given how obvious the underlying themes are! No matter how much you try to help people there'll always be insurmountable levels of natural evil.

I was up very early to get a breakfast roll when no one else was on the streets. As I walked to the shop I noticed a nice red sports car stop in front of me. The driver got out and replaced the rear number plate with another one. I mused if he was about to commit a crime or whether the car was stolen. For all I knew he was trying to evade other criminals! Should I have called the police? It was such a nice morning I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Anyway I decided just to look askance at him so that he knew my suspicion!

Sure; I might be at war against Christianity. I'm still a Christian though!

(Dara O'Briain) "I don't believe in God right. Still Catholic! Because there's nothing you can do when you're Catholic. Once you've started Catholic frankly there's no real way to stop being Catholic. Even not believing in God isn't regarded as sufficient reason to get out of the Catholic Church. You'd think it'd be fairly fundamental to the whole thing but no! Catholicism (is) the stickiest, most adhesive religion in the world. There's no websites you can (use to) de-register online! You can't cut off your membership card in front of a priest and say "feck you; I'm out of here" and walk away! You could join the Taliban and you'd merely be regarded as a bad Catholic!"

Islam, with an extended "a", can seem really intense from a Christian perspective simply because if you imagined yourself converting you'd have to be really strict about things. The trouble is you weren't raised there to see how easy it is to accustomise to a different lifestyle! Islamic countries can appear very different to each other such that some can seem very conservative in a paradoxical way. I remember getting a taxi ride to a tennis game in Tunisia where the driver was laughing in improvised English. He commented on societal issues: "Kill the people? No, no! We don't kill the people!" I smiled to avoid any awkward silence! He was probably trying to pre-empt my personality! It's such a scenic place that everyone is forced to be laid-back about things!

It might sound very strange to give a graphic sexual confession to God. You'd have to view God impersonally or you'd run the risk of perverting your own religion. Otherwise you'd be hearing an elderly Scottish voice in the background!

Pantheism can appear mystical. Yet a fatal flaw is that people who dislike pantheism and mysticism end up looking mystical to those groups simply because the critics aren't metaphysically connected them!

Good people might have to apologise to evil people in heaven for threatening all of them collectively in their past life without respect to their individual differences!

Anyone who doesn't want to be a pantheist might still be able to engage with the idea for an infinitesimal amount of time!

Forcing women to wear veils could look very oppressive in the west. Yet we could play a game where very sexy women could use a netted veil to protect against violent masculinity. Although this would lead to a paradox where voluntary veil usage might look like sex symbols!

If we took reincarnation very literally then we'd have to conclude that a dead soul becomes perverted and looks for a random woman's breasts for milk. Although this would only appear sexy if you quickly disentangled your past life from your new life with the mother you chose!

Perhaps everyone is evil but we all need to be evil together so that no one gets singled out! Being evil is wrong but being bad about it is even worse!

For divisive questions like homosexual marriage we could ask what Jesus would do if He were alive today. Although we'd then be forced to conclude that a second Jesus wouldn't agree with many modern Christians. Perhaps we should all work on the basis that modern Christianity shouldn't organise itself where everyone tries to be their own Jesus! All we can say for sure is that Jesus was as strong as strong as ancient Rome after their conversion. This could be interpreted as an insult if God should totally transcend a former empire or else you could view the comparison as a compliment given how cool ancient Rome was!

If I were a vengeful pantheist in the afterlife I could tell a Christian that I can now forgive them for how unfairly they forgave others! Being evil is so empty that being unforgiving towards a truly repentant person is almost evil in and of itself! Perhaps evil people feel so nihilistic about themselves that were they not energised by their past evil they'd all be suicidal. That is to say a good person who tried to put themselves in the boots of an evil person in real time would likely be overwhelmed by their energy level. Although you'd create a metaphysical paradox if Christianity didn't even tolerate supernatural suicide of a person's soul in the afterlife through reincarnation rather than just forgiving earthly suicide. What would happen if evil people tried to reincarnate as evil people in their future life too? I'm not sure how seriously we should take Christianity if even defending proportionately against evil is still just a lesser evil relative to how much evil damages the perpetrators own soul.

Slow and steady wins the race! A problem with making some animals sacred is that their rival species will be condemned!

Qatar 2015

It's difficult to interpret Islam from a Christian perspective seeing as their history is sometimes opposed to Christianity. As such trying to interpret present-day Islam through the history of medieval Islam can be far too distracting unless you were fairly self-deprecating in your western faith. Moreover they seem to be radically opposed to certain versions of pantheism while heroically welcoming Islamic versions of pantheism! Perhaps the only way for a Christian pantheist to make sense of Islam is through ancient Islam and pre-Islam. All we know from a superficial glance at ancient Persia is that they were somehow like a desert version of India except that they were more agnostic in their polytheism. However ancient Islam concluded that their women were just too sexy and needed a stricter faith. Thus Islam is very opposed to the culture of ancient Persia while remaining racially Persian. Perhaps that's the most lukewarm and roundabout assessment a westerner could offer! I suppose we all love the mythology of ancient Egypt only to know it really wouldn't suffice as a modern religion in modern Egypt! Don't kill the messanger of pantheism or you'll be dealing with the unconscious!

Pantheism has to learn from the failure of inter-tribal wars in Aztec South America where now we can only ritualistically sacrifice people from our own tribe in order to make it sustainable!

Rural tall people aren't allowed to be pantheists or else we'd all have to conclude that it was really their mightier unconscious that becomes us shorter people in their next life rather than it being more conveniently the other way round!

"In comparison to worldwide searches, Irish users clicked on the ‘British’ category a whopping 265% more times than the rest of planet Earth. We can only imagine what Michael Collins would make of that. Clicks for ‘mature’ porn were 72% more popular here in Ireland than anywhere else, and searches for ‘blonde’ were 54% higher on Irish soil."

Britain harmed Ireland in our centuries of historic colonization but we'll avenge our ancestors loss through imagining their women in obscene ways online! Ireland has always had a problem with devout faith when we're all too secular and materialistic. It's only when you visit countries like Croatia and Italy on holidays you see how much more seriously they take their Catholic faith. Ireland is a bit amoral where we've a historic starting point of morality such that we're not too immoral relative to international norms. Furthermore we're all confused about the history if church paedophilia such that few probably think God will punish us relative to others in the state. We'll all equally empathise with future sex abuse victims while accidentally finding some of it a bit sexy. Actually perpetrating a sex crime against Mediterranean women in the afterlife would likely turn most Irish men to stone much like Medusa since no one is very fit in Ireland. Sexual preferences could be more accurately assessed in a state of semi-awareness outside the laws of physics in an afterlife compared to a human justice system in the material world. Perhaps if we were completely free after death then would our mind hallucinate bad sex or romantic sex? Or we could seperate our senses and ask if your verbal thoughts became more deterministic and spoke really dirty then would your mind's eye go along with it and visualise you're worst desires? So we could almost have a perverted afterlife where anyone who resisted obscene porn levels was deemed good relative to the very troubling situation in Ireland! It'd mean we could take forgiveness more seriously when few are satisfied that someone can be truly sorry when we know just how happy immoral pornography can make them. Traditional Mediterranean versions of evil revolved around theft where the materialism of the crime means no one can relate to the hedonistic sensations even if the sense of evil happiness is all related neurologically. Resisting temptation doesn't prove that they were good souls but simply that they weren't too bad. It wouldn't be a pure afterlife as entrants would've said their prayers half-heartedly. Perhaps we could come to some arrangement where a Mediterranean woman who otherwise would've been sent to hell can now rest assured that they'd turn many violent Irish men into non-conscious animals over a few hours where they can all reincarnate. Those who passed the exam peacefully could get a glimmer of a proper Mediterranean heaven! This is a made-up theory but if people wanted to the take the afterlife more seriously when too many are apathetic then we could compromise the length of time we envision to be in heaven rather than ostracising most of the country! Or perhaps immanent pantheists have the opposite disposition to transcendent Catholics where Catholic heaven will be equivalent pantheist hell and vice versa! Pantheism is the most paradoxical faith system ever where an evil pantheist can also be seen as relieving the good pantheist from the heavy burden of being God! It's a bit more visible as a pantheist that good people don't care as much about happiness and are perverted towards a transcendent future date while evil people care about happiness in the moment for themselves which given everyone's resilient connection will be pervertedly good to society in the distant future. The irony is that evil people can objectively seem more charitable than good people in an absurd way when viewed in the context sacrificing a future version of themselves! The flaw of pantheism is that as a person whose faith is incapable of dissociated evil your sexuality will quickly revolve around your attitude towards the worst possible sex crimes where you're uniquely obsessed about the issue as a challenge-to-self! Perhaps the only consolation of evil people for theists is that they'd end up exposing just how often pantheists feel so good thinking about misogyny without ever actually doing it! Whether or not we'd hate sadistic criminals a pantheistic heaven cannot tolerate them or else we'd all be tempted into it!

Perhaps paedophilic nudity isn't actually wrong if you were truly angelically benevolent! Having heavenly nude child drawings in Catholic churches may have deceived a few of the priests convicted of child abuse!

Humility can be a sarcastic defence against evil people by reminding evil people how boring the world would be if everyone were evil. Yet the ethical system of pantheism can go beyond sarcasm in being absurdly megalomaniacal as a deterrence against any evil people trying to compare themselves to people who weren't evil. In other words a lot of evil people would feel really weak if everyone else were just evil as them. So a lot of criminals weren't serious in competing against metaphysical and collective systems of evil in the ancient world. For example the time I was robbed at hammer point I could easily have shouted insults at the thief instead of asserting that he step back. Yet insulting him would imply that it wasn't already blatant how immoral he was. Pantheism would often relate to proud evil people not trying to be as evil as they could to other people. So pantheism as a belief system would deter a lot of people casually choosing evil because the mafia bosses and monarchs could have been way more evil against weaker evil people had they suspected that everyone were really just evil people. Who knows if my unconscious lucid dreaming demeanour stopped the thief killing me!

Battle of Hamunaptra - The Mummy 1999 (Sand Mummy Deterrent)

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("Catholics on the other hand" - 3rd line below)

Apparently I can upload nudes on my own threads but not on other people's threads(!):

One way Catholic mass can be helpful to pantheism is in downplaying the relevance of the mass where a bit of boredom can be intentional rather than accidental! In other words mass can be relevant without being extremely relevant when God exists outside of mass too! So listening to bits and pieces of a cathedral mass in Galway on one occasion allowed me to assess not only my own limits but also the limits of mass. Resilience can be gained by withstanding boredom from nomenclature! Those who don't go to mass too often might ironically overestimate how spiritual they'd be had they gone to mass where going to mass can be great for self-awareness and humility!


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