• Michael McMahon


Updated: Nov 29, 2020

(My photo is intentionally left uncaptioned!) Pantheism can be a middle ground in the debate between atheism and religion. One could interpret God to be like a shapeshifter who lives through everyone. It could serve as a baseline to assess and contextualise the various religious faiths.

Although perhaps the humans in another galaxy millions of years away in the future would seem omniscient relative to us!

A Posthuman God is a hypothetical future entity descended from or created by humans, but possessing capabilities so radically exceeding those of present humans as to appear godlike... (A) variant is the hypothesis that humanity will create or evolve into a posthuman God by itself.”


Indeed if a medieval person could’ve transported to the year 2020, they’d think our technology and food was god-like. After having spent so much time moving rocks to build a castle for their king, they must view a crane operator to be much like Zeus.

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