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Junior cert history is quite amusing. It begins with chapters on Celtic Ireland and passes by Christopher Columbus and the French Revolution. There’s 3 pages on WW1 and races through 10 pages on WW2 as if there’s a build-up of suspense leading to the 100 page discussion on the Irish War of Independence, the Civil War and then the Troubles. This chronology is as if the Spanish conquistadors and the Renaissance were just background information that’s needed to understand the 1916 Easter Rising!

I’m stating the obvious when I condemn all evil violence from any individual who committed terrorist attacks; be they a member of the IRA or from a unionist background. As you can tell from my previous threads I think a mutual collective ignorance about general gun control, self-defence and minority rights exacerbated the Troubles. I’ll preface the link below by saying if an unarmed civilian is killed by a terrorist with a gun, that is first and foremost a gun control issue. It’s clearly also a sectarian problem but that shouldn’t distract us from the primary dilemma of weapons and guns. Security-wise it’s really and truly moot whether Northern Ireland stays in the UK or joins a United Ireland. Nationalists should have rights for military and police representation in the UK in the same way Unionists would in a multicultural United Ireland. Although I’m noncommittal on any other Northern Ireland political or cultural issues and view myself as an eccentric!

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I don’t agree with some of what he said about the 2nd Amendment. I don’t think guns would’ve prevented all historical terrorism. I don’t know what the exact motives were for ill-intentioned individuals in the conflict. But in the video he does manage to explain the potential problems that could arise with “collectivised security” in general. As per my minority rights thread, I actually really do agree with gun control. But the implementation of gun control must always be both methodical and pragmatic: in general if there’s a situation where armed threats are an unavoidable risk in a certain society then I’m afraid some degree of self-defence weaponry such as non-lethal ammunition might be temporarily necessary for ordinary civilians. I think there needed to be a greater emphasis on individualism in Northern Ireland. Belfast could perhaps be seen as more of a multiracial libertarian city similar to somewhere like Boston in America.

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