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      A Radical Centrist’s Blog

          What the hell is going on over there?!

Hello Alpha Tango... Radio check... Come in... Welcome to my blog. My name is Michael McMahon. I’ve written many threads on various internet forum websites. I’ve combined them all here. They’re on eclectic and diverse topics. Hair combed back like a superstar I'll be able to talk my way out of anything. I'm an avowed keyboard warrior who'll take down anyone's poorly made arguments from the cosy sniper perch of my desk. I've become a social activist out of boredom! The only way to pre-empt an extremist is to get into the mindset of an extremist. We can try to unite the far left and far right by attacking each and in doing so unifying them both against us. I was a bit bored so I started getting involved in different disputes! The blandness of academia allows you to conceal a whole pile of perversions. What if school exams were just a sadistic attack on your psyche? Only sexual evil used for academic purposes can be tolerated! Criminals are merely misusing the evil! I'll try to be as bold as I think I can get away with. We need to attack sensitive problems head on. I've been given too much time to myself. I'll  attack political incorrectness with political incorrectness of my own. I come up with such flawed theories that I actually have to be a genius in how I resolve the resulting mismatches! You might think these are all awful ideas but if it weren't for me someone likely would've come up with an even more insulting blog! Even an evil person couldn't have done a worse job at this blog! Sometimes I can be silly! When two groups mutually hate each other then a moral way to deal with both of them is to be twice as hateful! We can create metaphysical systems of evil so extreme that they're not realisable in the physical world. These theories help counter other evil people unwilling to actually be as extreme as the evil logical extremes! I'm tempted to play God by pitting evil policies against each other! Stand by...
Radical centrism is an understanding that an enemy of an enemy isn’t always a friend in the long-term. I’m afraid sometimes one could just be left with two adversaries! I'm not trying to blame everyone equally but simply blaming people! The authority on anti-authoritarianism is myself! I didn't set out to offend anyone but if I did I likely offended both sides in the debate. If anyone feels aggrieved, I'd no choice and thought it was only for your own good! Look at what you made me say! Better to hear it coming from me than someone sinister! I tend to be most eloquent when I'm angry and it's only when I'm in an all-out rage that I'll be on my most diplomatic behaviour. I'll criticise all sides to add an aura of mystery to my real intentions. There's no fee for any articles so I can spread my message about the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in! I'm not trying to advertise any commercial brands; I uploaded my blog to the internet merely for political discussion and perhaps because I'm single! In an age of irregular warfare I fear that joining one side in the debate will only limit my criticism. We don't know who the enemy is but they're probably hiding among us. It could be anyone! We need to enact a state of vigilance. Frequency is far more important than maintaining its size when it comes to pleasure. As you can see I enjoy innuendo because some people might not notice it and other political rivals might view me as volatile! It's a dog eat dog world out there whatever that means in todays porn culture! Who cares about wealth inequality when there's already so much sexual competition?

I try to portray myself as an adulterer in order to deflect anyone's hatred towards promiscuous women! Heck I could even upload my own porn but it might be too distracting if any of my threads actually succeed! 

I'm so desensitised to porn that I'm not actually attracted to any individual woman these days. Unless I've ever the opportunity to ask two women out simultaneously then I fear I might never find a woman! Defensive porn jokes can help to placate violent political opponents! I will present myself facetiously like a sex-God Achilles just to say how little I care about those who attack me online. In the beginning I was an adult but now I'm a boy! I've made so many pacts with the devil that it'd be immoral for me to not present myself as slightly aggressive to others! Middle class children who are on welfare as adults like me might become academically violent by distrusting the state though still being indebted to it for the dole! Jobseeker's allowance is like a student loan for self-studying! I don't understand the right-wing's distrust of welfare seeing as everyone on the dole has to defend against anyone else on the dole who's descending into total evil! The welfare trap is essentially where anyone with spare time on their hands is immediately conscripted to mediate conflicts!  I really hope I haven’t turned cool areas like lucid dreaming and armed militias into boring subjects! Needless to say the creation of any regional militias would be out of a perverted distrust of the state rather than a love of the locality! The flaw of evil people is that in nominating themselves as the evil people they present temperamental people like me as being ethical by contrast! I'm unpopular and so I can exploit this fact by commenting on any controversial topic in order to make the entire topic unpopular! Michael out...

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